Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blue Hills Reservation, 5-5-13

Almost forgot, I have done a hike this year already! A few weeks ago, a buddy and I were talking and thought we'd plan a spur-of-the-moment hike, somewhere close by. I realized I'd never taken the guys to the Blue Hills, so off we went. Under an hour away from us, the Blue Hills Reservation is a 7000+ acre reservation outside of Boston with 125 miles of trails and some great views. WGBH is named for Great Blue Hill, the highest point in the reservation at 635 feet. In addition to the Blue Hills Weather Observatory at the summit, there is a tower you can climb to get a sweet view of Boston. There are way more trails I haven't done myself before - I've only gone up Great Blue Hill and around that side of the reservation, so sometime I'll have to explore the rest.

We headed out about 9am on a Sunday and figured we'd make it a short day, since my husband had finals to be studying for when we got back. It was a perfect day, so we set off into the woods and it felt GREAT to be on the trail! Only took us an hour or so to get to the top of Great Blue Hill, despite being a bit out of hiking-shape and huffing a little up the steep parts, lol.

We brought lunch to eat at the top then went up to the top of the tower to check out the views. Pretty clear day and we had a great view of Boston! Brought my telephoto lens and got some good shots of the city.

The tower is also pretty cool:

We moseyed on down after lunch and walked back to the car along the road, because my husband whined about how long it would take if we went back up & through the trails. (boohoo) We got him home by 2:30 so no need for his whining! (and he nailed his classes this semester) Anyway, it was really nice to be back on the trail and the guys loved it, so we're going to do a longer trip here later in the summer.

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